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Jonihiva Class Destroyer by Ciroton Jonihiva Class Destroyer :iconciroton:Ciroton 2 1 Adagio Class Heavy Cruiser (Top Profile) by Ciroton Adagio Class Heavy Cruiser (Top Profile) :iconciroton:Ciroton 2 1 Adagio Class Heavy Cruiser (Starboard Profile) by Ciroton Adagio Class Heavy Cruiser (Starboard Profile) :iconciroton:Ciroton 1 0 Adagio Class Heavy Cruiser by Ciroton Adagio Class Heavy Cruiser :iconciroton:Ciroton 2 6 FNC Starburst by Ciroton FNC Starburst :iconciroton:Ciroton 3 0
Mezza Voce - Chapter 3 (Part 2)
Her mind had been wandering all day. That is to say, her mind had been running around the same problem all day, and it was becoming most tiresome. Even her playing was beginning to suffer mildly because of the conundrum eating away at the back of her mind. She hoped none of her ensemble had noticed.
Octavia walked down the street at a rather slow clip as she had to balance her instrument upon her back. It was not an easy task, especially when said instrument was roughly the size of her body, but at least it was not as awkward as her friend’s instrument. Before her, stumbling occasionally on the cobblestones was a sky blue mare with a brown, curly mane and tail who wore a pink bow very similar to her own. She did not really pay attention to her, since she was always a little accident prone; however, as they passed their favourite cafe, something unexpected happened.
“Say... Octavia? Do you think there is something bothering Frederick?” Said mare paused in mid-step, loo
:iconciroton:Ciroton 2 0
Mezza Voce - Chapter 3 (Part 1)
Octavia’s head swam through a blur of light that circled her head and her mind. Bright neon contrasted sharply against sparkling marble and glaring gold, but it was the least of the evils assaulting her senses. What really unnerved her and made her want to make a beeline for the door was the unbearable noise! Being a city pony, she was used to the clamor of crowds and the subtle din of chatter, but the current rumble made her ears feel as if they were going to bleed at any second.
Machines clanked and rung out with the falling of bits into metal plates and the clinking of glasses and streams of curses below a myriad of loudspeakers, which blared the worst kind of music imaginable. Everything came at her from all angles, disorienting her and making her head pound from everything hitting her ears at once. It was like each individual noise was competing in a terrible sonic arms race. She could barely think through the onslaught.
Yet, through it all, she did not dare stop her hooves
:iconciroton:Ciroton 1 0
Mezza Voce - Chapter 2
Silence: a once pristine haven abreast of a sea of chaos and noise had, as of late, taken a far more foreboding and unnerving twist. It had been months since Octavia last had the apartment all to herself for such a stretch of time and what was once a welcome fantasy served only to remind her of her foolish mistake. Yet the silence did not care; it just hung in the air over her head like a vulture circling its dying prey.
Once again, her borderline obsession with cleanliness had caused a fiasco that she was responsible for. It was no wonder Vinyl was so upset: she had thrown away a personal possession with reckless disregard for any possible value it had – although she could not see any. If she could, she would have apologized in an instant, but the disk jockey’s instant absence prevented it.
Octavia sat on the couch, mulling over her feelings as the evening’s scheduled fog pressed against the glass. Actually, given the height of Canterlot, it was more a cloud than a f
:iconciroton:Ciroton 3 2
Mezza Voce - Chapter 1
       Light streamed into the room from a crack in the curtains, the grey shades almost white with the glow of the majestic morning sun. Its gentle, gilded touch ran across a polished dresser of oak and the sole framed photograph resting upon it. Four earth ponies stood before a velvet curtain, two mares who wore pink bow ties and two stallions, each beside an instrument. A mare with a black mane stood in the center of the picture with a stoic look on her face, flanked by a brown stallion who wore a polite smile on his. To her right was another mare with a leg wrapped along her shoulder and a large grin on her blue muzzle. In the back, a purple stallion smiled shyly behind the energetic mare.
What the light did not touch, however, was the myriad of other furniture and mementos lying in neat, methodical parts of the room. The most noticeable of which was a large instrument case as tall as the average pony was long. What appeared to
:iconciroton:Ciroton 5 3
Shadow Over Ponyville by Ciroton Shadow Over Ponyville :iconciroton:Ciroton 9 8
For Want of a Dawn - Chapter 25
Sunshine spilled onto the viridian lawn as the morning sun crested over the battlements of the old castle, causing the dew still clinging to the blades to sparkle before evaporating. Twilight trotted down the steps from the south doors to enjoy a leisurely morning stroll through the gardens, as she used to do in days gone by when she recovered from being upset.
Predictably, Princess Celestia had not been there when she had awakened, nor was she down at breakfast in the royal dining room. An invitation to eat there was a lifetime affair, and it was far better than sitting with the rest of the staff awkwardly in her usual corner table while not talking to any pony. She might have learned how to make friends, but that did not stop the castle staff from being just a little skittish around her, being the personal student to a living goddess and all.
The mare looked at her surroundings as she walked, flashing back to her fight with the queen tyrant occasionally when a bush or
:iconciroton:Ciroton 22 52
For Want of a Dawn - Chapter 24: Dawn at Last by Ciroton For Want of a Dawn - Chapter 24: Dawn at Last :iconciroton:Ciroton 16 44 Sunset (Complete PDF) by Ciroton Sunset (Complete PDF) :iconciroton:Ciroton 30 10
For Want of a Dawn - Chapter 23
   Fall of the Titan
   If Twilight Sparkle had not literally been through Hell, the sound of the alicorn's laughter would have disturbed her deeply, for it was her own laughter echoing back, only tainted with madness and malevolence.. She could not seem to make up her mind between light titters or full-blown belly laughs. But no matter the tone or pitch, her cries of mirth carried the same tinge of darkness and malice to them, making hairs on the unicorn's back stand on end.
   She had expected insanity, yes, but she had also expected more composure from her doppelganger than that of a giggling maniac. There was a crazed look in the one eye she could see, the other blocked by her mane whipping about in the solar breeze. Her alternate self had become a horrible mockery of Twilight's beloved teacher.
   "Oh," Eos finally spoke, as if just noticing the unicorn. "Well, look who it is... It's ME!" she giggled, putting a hoo
:iconciroton:Ciroton 16 27
For Want of a Dawn - Chapter 22
   March on Canterlot
   As cool as it would have been to recount the epic tale of her escape, she found herself with no pony to tell it to. But what a riveting tale it would have been: full of flying kicks, cursing, and general bad-assery that would make mares and stallions alike weep and get on their knees, begging her to put some of that awesomeness into their life! Yet, even if there were ponies who would pay attention, she just could not tell the tale of her daring escape. It would be too big of a lie.
   That demonic creature, whatever it was, LET her go. Not only that, but it had almost literally opened the door and kicked her out onto her flank. But why? If it wanted to, it could have kil- No, she could not die again. Utterly destroy her, or freeze her into a statue for all time? That sounded more like it, but she had still not suffered any sort of punishment for breaking and entering.
   Okay, that was another
:iconciroton:Ciroton 13 75
For Want of a Dawn - Chapter 21
   At the Twilight's Gleaming
   Coloured lights streamed in through the stained glass windows, painting the intricately carved marble floors of the room all the different colours of the rainbow. Their shapes were distorted, elongated by the low angle of the sun relative to the horizon. The strange carvings of the throne room floor only became truly visible to the unknowing eye at this time of the day, adding to the mystique and power of the room, and the pony it was built for.
   If she were still alive, that is.
   Queen Eos sat upon her throne, leaning onto her side with a hoof to her lavender cheek. She was thoroughly and utterly bored after her vanquishing of Discord. At least the voice of that stupid little pony had finally and utterly been blocked from her mind. Now, if only she could shut the pony before her up in the same way, she could finally have some peace!
   Prime Minister Regal Scroll stoo
:iconciroton:Ciroton 15 48

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Jonihiva Class Destroyer
~*A Re-skinned version of this ship was submitted to a World of Warships Ship Design contest*~

   The main armament of the Jonihiva class destroyer used 4 127mm (5 inch) guns in two turrets known as 127/L70 "Fanfare" guns for their rapid 5 second reload. The long barrels gave it the typical long-range and high muzzle velocity found on all Hinorian ship designs. However, unique to this gun, in addition to the typical Armour Piercing and High Explosive rounds of ammunition was a nasty shell known as the Flame Thrower (FT). An FT shell explodes overhead of the target and drenches the area around it in a highly unstable kerosene mixture that could catch fire from mere sunlight. While ineffective on overcast days, when the sun came out, these shells could seriously hamper a larger ship's combat effectiveness (due to all the fires) for the bigger guns to shoot with near impunity.

   However, the guns were just the claws on the scorpion. What made the Jonihiva Class especially deadly were her 61cm (24 inch) "Megalodon" Torpedoes.Outfitted with an experimental directional sonar tracking system, these weapons had an incredible 84% hit rate. A few seconds after hitting the water and arming, the tracking device built into the head of the torpedo would activate its sonar and lock in on the nearest target AND keep track of it. Of course, extreme caution was needed on behalf of allied ships not to cross the path of the torpedo and become it's new target! The launchers, while housed under decks, were able to be reloaded by lowering into the deck after the lower section of the access ladder on the launcher was removed.

   Given the design of her hull, the Jonihiva class had no need for a cage to keep tugboats clear of the propellers. But also at the back were her twin depth charge launchers. They could be set to detonate at depths as low as 1,000 meters, meaning attacking submarines would be crushed far before they could escape their range and were outfitted with a proximity detonation system where, when within 50 meters, they would detonate after a random period of time for maximum coverage.

~*Detailed Statistics*~


Planned: December 10 1939
Laid Down: April 3 1940
Launched: January 12 1941
Commissioned: February 10 1941

(Dates are for First-of-class only)

~Notable Ships~

Naming Scheme: Underworlds

Name: Jonihiva
Designation: DDH-092
Fate: Sunk June 7 1943

Service Record

World War II: Escorted and defended allied tasks forces and convoys in the Pacific Theater. Credited with 20 ship and submarine kills, mostly verses destroyers. Downed 27 Aircraft. Set crippling fire to IJN Battleship Hyuga and critically wounded IJN Light Cruiser Tenryu with torpedoes. Sunk by IJN Cruiser Atago, via detonation of rear magazine by shell hit. 87 lives saved from wreck by sister ship Elysia. (DDH-100)

Eternal Heroism (posthumously) - Awarded to any and all Hinorian Naval Vessels that sink in combat.
Poseidon's Cross - Awarded to any vessel that sustains heavy damage in a combat situation.

Unshakable Spirit Badge - Awarded to any unit or person who displays unwavering resilience, determination and endurance in battle over an extended period of time.

*** *** ***

Name: Hades
Designation: DDH-103
Fate: Decommissioned June 8 1983, Scrapped

Service Record

World War II: Escorted and defended allied tasks forces and convoys in the Atlantic Theater. Credited with 14 ship and submarine kills, mostly verses destroyers. Downed 12 aircraft. Participated in D-Day operations by patrolling the English Channel near Dover for Submarines.

Post-War: Ferried troops between Korea and Japan and assisted with US retreat from Vietnam.


Thor's Hammer - Awarded to all Hinorian units that participated in D-Day operations leading the the allied victory over Nazi Germany.

*** *** ***

Name: Jahannam
Designation: DDH-108
Fate: Decommissioned September 11 1984, Training Ship

Service Record

World War II: Escorted and defended allied tasks forces and convoys in the Atlantic Theater. Credited with 8 ship and submarine kills, mostly verses destroyers. Downed 41 aircraft. Participated in D-Day operations by patrolling the English Channel near Land's End. Helped repel Luftwaffe attack from Port of Dover during The Blitz.

Post-War: Escorted Super Battleship Evarain to Arctic circle for propaganda purposes. Converted into a training ship and still in-use.


Thor's Hammer - Awarded to all Hinorian units that participated in D-Day operations leading the the allied victory over Nazi Germany.

Aurora Borealis - Awarded to any ship that traverses the 70 degrees north boundary.

*** *** ***

Name: Tartarus
Designation: DDH-110
Fate: Decommissioned August 1 1983, Museum Ship

Service Record

World War II: Escorted and defended allied tasks forces and convoys in the Pacific Theater. Credited with 25 ship and submarine kills, mostly verses destroyers and enemy merchants. Downed 8 aircraft. Intercepted and captured Japanese submarine carrying classified documents containing blueprints for a new submarine design (I-400 class). Laid siege to Hong Kong Harbor while in Japanese hands for 2 weeks single-handed.

Post-War: Participated in Hinorian Fleet circumnavigation in 1971. Successfully navigated to Antarctica to assist in evacuation of endangered research station.


Royal Unit Citation - Awarded for going above and beyond the call of duty in service to the nation and/or allies.

Heart of Iron - Awarded to any person or unit that risks life and/or destruction while under fire to rescue a wounded/damaged ally or enemy.
Aurora Australius - (Created specifically for the ship's actions) Awarded to any Warship that passes the 60 degrees south boundary.

80 Days Medal - Awarded to all ships that participated in the Hinorian World Naval Tour. (1971)

*** *** ***

Succeed: Curtis Class (DDH-070 - DDH-091)
Preceded: Bellstance Class (DDH-111 - DDH-130)

Number Planned: 20
Number Built: 18
Cost Per Unit: $4.586 Million USD (1940)


Displacement: 1,496 tons (Standard) 1,916 tons (Full load)
Total Length: 410 Feet (124.97 Meters)
Total Beam: 41 Feet (12.50 Meters)
Total Height: 101.5 Feet (30.95 Meters)
Draft: 12 Feet (3.66 Meters)


Oil-Fired Boilers, steam turbines
2 4-Bladded Bronze Propellers
Direct-Drive Shafts at 34,890shp/26,028 KW
Maximum Speed: 34.8 Knots

Turning Radius: 650m
Rudder Shift Time: 3.3 seconds
Range: 6,000 Nautical Miles at 15 knots

~Crew Compliment~

10 Officers
150 Enlisted Crew


[Main Guns]
4 (2x2) 5 inch (12.7CM) RaCO 127/L70 "Fanfare" Guns
Maximum Range: 25Km
Effective Range: 17.5Km
Maximum Dispersion: 280m
Firing Rate: 12 Rounds per Minute

12 (4x4) 24 inch (61CM) RaCo "Megalodon" Torpedoes
Range: 17km at 70 knots

[Anti Aircraft Guns]
8x3 25mm "Triple Hunter MK II" Anti-Air Guns
Range: 7KM


Who reads this, anyway?
Check out my Pony Fanfics at:…

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Before I begin, I just wanted to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday. <3 It really means a lot to me that some of you would remember and take a couple of seconds out of your day to make that small wall post. No, really. I am not being sarcastic.

However, this is a good news/bad news announcement and I hope you will all bear with me.

As some of you might have noticed, updates on this page tend to be a lot slower than they used to be. This is because, quite honestly, deviant art is not really geared to long pieces of fiction. Much more over ten thousand words and I have to break up chapters here into two while on FIMFiction I can post as large a chapter as I damned well please. However, that is not the only thing. Deviant art also requires at least a solid hour of adding the bold, italic, underline and other tags like that as well as manual indents. FIMFiction downloads from Google Docs (sorry, now DRIVE >.>) where I do all of my editing.

So what do this mean? It means Deviant art is no longer my primary focus when doing pony fanfiction anymore. Does this mean I will stop posting the stories here? Nope! Some of you only use deviant art, and I would be remiss to forget any of you, who helped me get to where I am today.

Now, for the good news. To put it short and sweetly, I am trying to learn how to draw Pony for myself. Bear in mind that I tend to be a perfectionist and I have very little drawing ability as is, so you may not see anything of it for months if I can find the time to do it. However, you guys will be the only ones to see my epic failures and failure is more entertaining than success, am I right?

Oh, and if any of you are interested on my options for the new episodes as they come out, why not check out my FIMFiction blog and drop a comment or two if you have an account? If not, that's your opinion, I guess. *Shrug*

Until next time, later!

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